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New blogging schedule

Hey everyone,

So I thought I’d start a new thing on blog that for everyday or whatever day of the week I’ll try to post something different according to that day.

This is the new schedule:

Mondays: pinterest Monday – where I talk to you about something great I’ve found on pinterest

Tuesdays: tutorial Tuesday – where I share with you a helpful tutorial I’ve found online

Wednesdays: weekly work – where I share with you an item of art I’ve found in the week

Thursdays: Topic Talk – where I talk about a topic or style of art

Fridays: Feature Friday – where I talk and share one artists work

Saturdays: Saturday sketch – I share with you a quick sketch or show one I find interesting

Sundays: Sunday snippet – I share with you my favourite youtube video/s of the week

Can’t wait to start using this schedule 😀

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Kawaii Art – Do you like it?

Hey everyone,

So I’m back again to come to you with another type of art to talk about – Kawaii Art

So you’re probably wondering what the hell is Kawaii art????? Well… Kawaii means  “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable” in japanese and Kawaii art is just cuteness shown through art etc.

Some examples:



I find that a lot of Kawaii art is portrayed through cute food or anime girls. Do you like this type of art?

Have you ever heard of it… let me know with a comment 😀

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