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Biro Drawings

Hello again,

So I was scrolling through deviantART the other day and notice an amazing piece of artwork done totally by using biros. I couldn’t believe the detail that was involved in the drawings and couldn’t ever imagine being able to do it! So I thought I’d share some pieces of Biro artwork with you and ask for your opinion as to weather you like them and have ever heard of them or even draw them yourself.

This first one below is a small one and its by James Mylne.

Who is James Mylne?

James Mylne is a 32 year old art from London. He specialises in fine art and illustration drawn in ballpoint pen and mixed-media.

biro drawing 1

Its amazing how much detail and depth one media can be used to create!

This next one is of Albert Einstein by ‘Flotter’ on deviantArt: the link to their page if you want to see more.. click here!

biro drawing 2

I’ve only just come across this artist on deviantART and i’m not sure if they still post on their but check them out for some inspiration.

The one below is by Juan Francisco Casas.

Who is he?

Juan is a Spanish artist and poet. He specialises in painting, drawing and photography and is well known for his detailed Biro drawings! I only like a few of his biro drawings because a lot of the rest are of nude people, but some people are interested in that type of art.

biro drawing 3

Whats your opinion? … comment and answer the poll below

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